Friday, October 7, 2016

Podcast 13: Addictions and Homelessness Part 2 of 2

"There have to be people who are willing to take a chance on another human being" Michael "Diver" Butler

Experience with homelessness and addictions.
Today's podcast is part 2 of a 2 part series about homelessness and addictions. In this episode Michael Davis sits with Michael Butler aka Diver, for a one on one conversation. Diver shares his story of being an addict and what lead him into becoming homeless and the struggles he faced that lead him to spiraling down. "I felt like that was it, I thought I would be a hopeless dope fiend the rest of my life"  
Diver talks about how he lost his family, his jobs, and his home and talks about how he had to be at a point in his life that he was ready to make a change in order end his addictions. It was then that his recovery began. You have to be ready for the solutions, compassion, people taking a chance and people who are willing to open their doors, Diver expresses. Helping addicts has to be a hands on process in overcoming barriers.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Podcast 12: Addictions and Homelessness Part 1 of 2

In today's podcast, Mike talks about a topic that often comes to mind first when it comes to homelessness, the area of addictions. Today's podcast is part 1 of a 2 part podcast episode.

In this episode, Mike discuss the addictions themselves. In part 2, airing on Friday, October 7th Mike will talk with a man who use to be homeless and in addictions and how he has overcome both.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Podcast 11: Parkrose Houseless Resource Fair

Event: Parkrose Houseless Resource Fair - Connecting houseless community members to resources

Location: Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church at 11229 NE Prescott St
Portland, OR 97220

On today's podcast, Mike interviews several people at the first annual Parkrose Houseless Resource Fair. During the on location podcast, Mike discusses the various resources that are available in Parkrose for our houseless community and what can be done to bring people together.

Interviewees in order of their interviews:

Nicole from Family Support and Connections: A resource and referral program. 
Officer Jason Jones
Trina: Trina has been homeless for 15 years.
Joshua Kingsley: Pastor at St Matthews Episcipal Church

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Friday, August 26, 2016

A special on location interview with Mingus Mapps at Historic Parkrose Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative in Portland, Oregon.

Parkrose Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative is a non-profit, volunteer lead organization charged with promoting economic development in the Parkrose neighborhood.

Mingus explains what Historic Parkrose is doing to bring the homeless community, the business association and the neighborhood association together for face to face dialogue. Bringing people together and having monthly meetings with the community has helped create a space in which the housed and unhoused community can work together to make things better.

This is part of one of a multi-part series. Additional interviews with others working with the Parkrose Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative will be recorded at a later date.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Chronic Homelessness: What does it mean and what is in the mind and the life of someone who is chronically homeless.

Chronic Homelessness: Today's podcast is about understanding what is meant by chronically homeless and understanding what is inside the mind and life of a chronically homeless person.
Michael provides insight into understanding that it is a long process and the understanding that you have to work at their pace and the time it takes them to integrate into housing after being outside for years. Not addressing what they want, the time they need and the small steps they need to integrate back into housing, can cause them anxiety. Michael discussing work slowly to help them transition comfortably.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Working With City Leaders To Create Solutions

In today's podcast, Michael talks about what certain cities are doing to help their homeless communities. He addresses both the good and bad ideas that cities are doing and offers advice on how you can encourage your city leaders to adopt some of the good ideas that other cities are doing to help homeless individuals and couples. One of the locations that Michael discuss is the Springwater Corridor Trail in Portland, Oregon. There is one particular stretch where there are 500 homeless people in tents on both sides of the trail. Last week, the Mayor said he is going to sweep the 500 people off of the trail. Michael talks about what the City is doing and how they are doing it, how service providers are working with the homeless community and the city for transitioning into temporary and permanent locations and how Advocates are helping the homeless community with their needs and concerns.

Friday, June 24, 2016

How To Have An Effective Protest

On today's podcast, Michael comes to you from a protest in NW Portland. Protest participants are protesting a local establishment over their mistreatment of the homeless and for a recent situation in which an employee refused to call 911 for a homeless man who was having a heart attack. In this podcast, Michael talks about how to have an effective protest and he interviews a participant who was willing to be interviewed for the podcast.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Can Homelessness Be Solved

In today's podcast, Michael Davis poses the question: Can homelessness be solved?

In looking at this question, Michael address three point:
Can Homelessness be solved
Do we need to solve homelessness
How to eliminate homelessness and how it differs from solving homelessness

Monday, June 13, 2016

Human Side of Homelessness: Real people - real struggles.

On today's podcast Michael sits with Pete at a community camp in the Portland community. Pete is currently homeless and Michael is no longer homeless.  Michael and Pete share their stories and help put a human side to homelessness. The biggest thing that helps homeless people is to help them feel normal. They are part of our society.

Pete was born addicted to heroin and has struggled with addictions through out his life. In 2003 he became homeless after making some bad choices due to alcohol and drug addictions. Due to his addictions, Pete became stuck in his homelessness and although he has overcome his drug addictions due to community resources, he is now trying to pick himself up out of homelessness while trying to find stability. His hopes for his future are to find work and get into a house. It is also his goal to pay it forward to the next person who is in need of help.

Michael and his family became homeless after the landlord stopped using their rent to pay the mortgage and the bank took the house. During this time, rent had increased in the area and they were not able to afford the new rental costs. They were homeless for about two years with periods of couch surfing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


On today's podcast, Mike talks with two men who are living in a community camp in Portland, Oregon.