Tuesday, July 18, 2017

First Nations People: a discussion with Alyssa Davis Episode 5

In this episode, Michael and Alyssa Davis discuss what do Native American people want to happen to bring about reconciliation and healing and what can non native people do.


This is their final episode in a five part episode.

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First Nations People: a discussion with Alyssa Davis Episode 4

In this episode, Michael Davis and his daughter, Alyssa Davis discuss what it was like for the first nation's people in the past in order to understand homeless today.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Homelessness and Poltics

Hot Topic Discussion: Homelessness and Politics. Michael has been faced with opposition from the city and state for helping the homeless in the community.   


Michael Davis and Co-Host Charles Catterall discuss creating a political climate that is conducive to peace freedom and economics.

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043 KnowingMeMinistries WeeklyEpisode

Episode Date: June 1, 2017

On Today's episode, Michael Davis is joined by his daughter Alyssa Davis. Alyssa will be a special co-host for the month of June for a six part series on Native Americans. Alyssa has dedicated her life to serving Native Americans.


Episode 1 is about understanding what happened to the Native Americans in the past and present.  Michael and Alyssa address the magnitude of what happened to the population of Native Americans in the 1600's and 1700's at the hands of the Europeans.


Links associated with this episode:

Knowing Me Ministries - http://www.knowingmeministries.org

Wiconi International - http://www.wiconi.com/

PowWows - http://www.powwows.com/

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Economics in a Just Society

Michael Davis and Charles Catterall discuss a free market and fair balance for everyone to have a chance. 


Topic: Economics in a Just Society

Discussions in this episode

  • How is it addressed biblically?
  • Sake of the common good
  • Does morality and economic co-exist?
  • Shared resources
  • States and free market

Links Associated with the episode:

Knowing Me Ministries Website - http://www.knowingmeministries.org

Podcast Producer Mary Anne Funk: Website - http://www.maryannefunk.com

Podcast Information:
Host: Michael Davis
Co-host: Charless Catterall
Producer:Mary Anne Funk

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Monday, April 10, 2017

038 KnowingMeMinistries WeeklyEpisode

Today we are joined by Bishop Milton Sarara of God's Wonderful Love Ministry based in Eldoret, Kenya.

Bishop Sarara shares with us what is going on with poverty in Kenya, why it exists and what we can do about it.


Links Associated with this episode:
God's Wonderful Love Ministry



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Friday, April 7, 2017

Knowing Me Ministries Episode 37 | Reflection from Kenya

Many of us are stuck in a world that is narrow. We see the world only through our little knowledge of it. As St Augustine said, "the world is a book and those who don't ravel only read one page" In this podcast Michael Davis shares from his heart, a wider vision of the world through the eyes of the people of Kenya. 

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Knowing Me Ministries Episode 35 | Homelessness and The Family

Michael Davis and Charles Catterall discuss the meaning of work, just wages and the interconnectedness of work and how homelessness is not just a lack of a job. It is much deeper and wider than that. Michael provides advice on how


The homeless don't need to “just get a job”: They need to discover who they are so that they can flourish as a person and do work that is meaningful, work that promotes the greater good and

they need just wages: without just wages, they will still be homeless.



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