Thursday, January 12, 2017

023 Knowing-Me-Ministries Podcast-InTheNews 20170102

In addition to his weekly podcast episodes, once a month, Michael Davis from Knowing Me Ministries does an In The News podcast focusing on news about the homeless and homeless issues.

This month, Michael talks about a recent fire at Forgotten Realms, a community camp organized by homeless individuals in Portland, Oregon. The residents of Forgotten Realms have lived there for over a year, with the city government's knowledge. They put together a code of conduct that was required by the city. They have been helpful in the neighborhood. A faulty heater, caught one of the resident's dwelling on fire and it spread to a neighbor's house.  After the fire, the city began the process of "sweeping" displacing the resident's of Forgotten Realms. An accidental fire by a faulty heater, has caused the total eviction of Forgotten Realms. Michael addresses the double standard's we have as a society. If a fire broke out in your neighbor's garage, would your entire housed neighborhood be forced to move?


Also in this episode, Michael discusses the supposed ending of veteran homelessness in Portland, Oregon.

Upon finishing local news, Michael turns the discussion to what is happening to our houseless communities throughout the United States.

Michael urges all of us to get involved in our communities helping the homeless. You can do this by helping someone who is homeless, helping community organized camps with what they need or donating resources to organizations helping people who are homeless in your community.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Social Justice and how it can be carried out in our world

Social Justice and how it can be carried out in our world.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series in which Michael Davis and Charles Catterall discuss the lessons taught in the book: The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

This episode focuses on liberation and social justice, what the book addresses and teaches about both topics, and how we can carry out social justice in our world. They talk about the Church who put together the compendium and what the Catholic Church is doing to get this teaching out there.

Michael gives a break down of the book while discussing the topics addressed in the book. Charles talks about what strikes him most from the book. Together they talk about solidarity, living together in our communities, social justice, liberation and more. They talk to the listener on how to get the book and how to put what they have discussed into practice.

Links associated with this episode:

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace Amazon Page

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace: Vatican Website

St Therese Church of Portland, Oregon

Knowing Me Ministries Website



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Monday, January 2, 2017

Empowering The Poor | Knowing Me Ministries Weekly Podcast

In this episode, Michael Davis talks with Matt Cato, who works at the office of Life, Justice and Peace for The Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon. The office is responsible for the social justice element of the catholic faith. They educate on what this element teaches so they can build a just world. One of the elements is no-one is more important than another: everyone is invited to the table. 

Michael's discussion with Matt Cato is about empowering the poor and going into detail about what solidarity is about and the importance of addressing the root causes of poverty. 

Link associated with this episode:
Knowing Me Ministries -
Office of Life, Justice & Peace with the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

Links to organizations mentioned within this episode discussion:
Community Alliance of Tenants -
Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good (MACG) -

odcast Information:
Host: Michael Davis
Guest: Matt Cato of the Office of Life, Justice & Peace with the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon.
Producer and Editor: Mary Anne Funk

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Podcast 20 Knowing-Me-Ministries 20161223

In today's podcast, Mike interviews our producer's husband, Mark Funk. Mark is a Portland, Oregon resident and tile setter. His job takes him all over Portland. Mike talks with Mark about his interactions with the houseless community, about his opinions on how the government is handling homelessness in our area and his opinion on how people are treated who are homeless by the city and by others in our community.


Along with using his skills to provide for his family, Mark also donates his time and skills to helping people who are homeless.



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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

018 Knowing-Me-Ministries Monthly News Topic Episode 20161202

The first of every month Michael Davis from Knowing Me Ministries addresses recent news items on homelessness: items we find in the newspaper, online, and in local and national news

"When we give to the poor, we are not giving out of charity, we are merely beginning to repay the debt we owe them by taking for ourselves what rightfully theirs to begin with." St Ambrose 

Four news items: 

1.  The City of Portland is spending more money than ever on homelessness, yet instead of seeing a decrease or stabilization, we are seeing an increase in the number of homelessness. Michael encourages

2.  The government puts millions of dollars toward researching homelessness instead of addressing the need and working toward a solution. We don't need more research, we need action. Michael encourages us to write our senator and congressmen and ask them to stop the flow of money toward researching the causes of homelessness and ask them what are they doing personally doing in their life to reach out to the homeless?

3.  Homeless Sweeps: The city government keeps pushing people from one place to another and no matter where they go, they continue to get moved. When sweeps happen, people get further behind. It is hurting their chances of getting off the streets. Michael provides an example that happened to a couple, who Knowing Me Ministries was working with to help them find a place to live.

Stop the sweeps and let advocates and the homeless community work together, they are the experts.

4.  Homeless Bill of Rights: Michael talks about what it is and he encourages people to get with non profits in their community who are advocating for the Homeless Bill of Rights.


Knowing Me Ministries Podcast Episode 18
In the News
Podcast host: Michael Davis
Podcast recording, editing and production by Mary Anne Funk


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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Special

A special thanksgiving broadcast. Mike talks with three people who are houseless, they share what they are thankful for.


Knowing Me Ministries Podcast Episode 17
Thanksgiving Special
Podcast host: Michael Davis
Podcast recording, editing and production by Mary Anne Funk


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Monday, November 21, 2016

Podcast 16: Camp Amanda Part 2 of 2 part series

Knowing Me Ministries Podcast Episode 16
Camp Amanda: Part 2 of Part 2 series
Part 1: Evicting the houseless

This is part two of a two part podcast. Part two will be added on November 4, 2016

On location interview with an advocate who is working with our houseless neighbors, in SE Portland, Oregon to help them find a place they can call home.

On the day of this interview, the city scheduled a sweep of what is called, Camp Amanda, a houseless camp that was named after an advocate who has been working non stop, in the midst of her struggles, to help the people in this camp. 

Members of Camp Amanda have done everything they are suppose to be doing. They are a drug free, clean camp with a code of conduct. They are not in the way of anyone. However, community members who are against them being there have put pressure on the Mayor to move them. This is not an isolated situation. This is happening throughout different locations in and around Portland, Oregon. People being pushed from one location to another, never having the chance to settle. There are no alternatives for where people can go, there are no safe places where they wont be threatened with being swept again.

In this interview, Mike talks with Jamie, a housed community member who has come out to help camp Amanda protest their eviction.  

Knowing Me Ministries Podcast Episode 16
Camp Amanda: Part 2 of Part 2 series
Part 1: Evicting the houseless
Podcast host: Michael Davis
Podcast recording, editing and production by Mary Anne Funk


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